HTML Validation, History and Politics

  1. npm Fiasco. Malware that Steals Bitcoin
  2. The Story of XML
  3. HTML Correctness and Validators
  4. Google and Amazon Generates Invalid HTML
  5. Google Pushes Invalid HTML to the World
  6. How to Embed Video with Valid HTML
  7. Google Earth KML Validation Fckup
  8. W3C HTML Validator Invalid
  9. Emacs GNU Texinfo Problems; Invalid HTML
  10. HTML5 Doctype, Validation, X-UA-Compatible, and Why Do I Hate Hackers
  11. HTML6, JSON SXML Simplified
  12. HTML5 Killed the “big” Tag?
  13. WHATWG vs W3C Split
  14. HTML Style 1999: Hacker News
  15. Google HTML/CSS Style Guide: Good Style or Bad Taste?
  16. History of Angular.js
  17. Apache Rewrites History: Why is it Named “Apache”?
  18. Atom/RSS Reader Bug, Relative Link
  19. Browser War, Mobile Passed Desktop Since ~2016
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