Web Design: Say No to Grey Text on White Background

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i dunno what's going on with web design crowd, but more and more people have websites that's hard to read, using grey text on white background.


web design grey text on white 2
web design: grey text on white background.
google blog grey on white screenshot
Google Blog, grey on white screenshot.

Google is well-known for their decisions based on statistical data and A/B Testing. Did Google actually do A/B Testing on this and has scientifically determined that people prefer grey text on white instead of the normal black on white?

rt dot com screenshot 2012 03 09
rt.com screenshot, . Greyer and greyer!
web design gray text on white 3
Won't it be grayt if it just blend seemlessly into the background?

Gray on Gray!

web design gray on white 2013-06-11
mirror mirror, who's the grayest of them all?

Black on Gray! and Grey Poupon!

web design grey text on white 2
Black on Grey!
arstechnica screenshot 2012-03-09
arstechnica screenshot, . Can you read those orange texts?
gray on white chrome devtools website 2015-08-05
gray on white. from https://developer.chrome.com/devtools
web design gray text on white openstudiolab 2015-08-15
web design gray on white. From http://www.openstudio.fr/lab/jQuery-virtual-tour,67.html?lang=en
web design gray on white  projectured.org 2014-03-15
web design gray on white, http://projectured.org/, as of

Solarized Color Theme ?= Science

There's a website called Solarize, that focuses on desigining the most readable color theme, supposedly based on science of color contrast. Witness:

solarized text
Solarize website screenshot

Do you find the text easy to read?

Things get worse:

solarized screen
solarized text 2

The Solarized color themes are low contrast, and supposedly works better when your computer display is under sunlight. Maybe so, but it looks terrible indoors.

see also: 〔contrast rebellion By Zoltán Gócza, Richard Gazdik. @ http://contrastrebellion.com/

see also: How to Calibrate Your Monitor's Color.

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