Website And Domain Lookup Tools

By Xah Lee. Date:

A few misc tips and tools about domain names and websites.

Domain and IP Tools

“whois” is a tool to find out tech info about domain names. On a unix command line, you can just type for example “whois”. For good web based ones, see:

Website Info

For web site popularity, demograph, trustworthiness, the best few are:

Wikipedia articleSite Home PageAlexa RankPurpose
Alexa.com etc.
WOT: Web of Trustmywot.com4784site safety
Symantecnorton.com2573site safety

Some SEO Site Lookup Tools

The following are some more, mostly focusing on SEO report. Though, i haven't verified their quality. Be careful of scams.

Tools for Client Side

Connection Speed

A popular site for testing your connection speed is:

IP Address

What Info Your Browser Sends Out?

Today, your browser sends all sort of information. Even if you turn cookies off, or flash cookies off, you can still be identified. For example, your browser send out what font you have installed, your screen dimension, what plugins you have. If you turn off the “user agent” info in your browser, that makes you more unique.

Wanna know what sort of info it sends?


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