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While doing my website's traffic report ( Web Traffic Report 2008), i did some research on major computer lang or tech website ranking. Here's a rough ranking of relative popularity of some computing sites:

sitequantcastalexamajor services
sun.com1500.1706doc, forum, news
java.com5000.1132doc, forum, news
php.net78.0721doc, forum, news
slashdot.com2.0333news, forum
Mysql.com41.7.0387doc, forum, news
gnu.org115.7.0288docs, mailing list, news
wolfram.com429.024mathworld, blog, doc, lib, news, store …
Python.org77.01239doc, lib, forum
xahlee.org94.8.0034← Me!
Perl.org12.00392doc, blog
Perl.com179.9.00361doc, news, …
paulgraham.com22.00267lisp bigwig
jwz.org22.00127Jamie Zawinski; netscape and xemacs celebrity
haskell.org6.4.00114 bigwig
emacswiki.org2.00077wiki Lisp vendor
lispworks.com2.00028Common Lisp doc
Gigamonkeys.com2.00025hosting popular book “Practical Common Lisp”
sitequantcastalexamajor services
Rough ranking of computer language sites. Table data updated on .

The number under quantcast are estimated monthly unique visitors, in thousands, given by Many are considering US only, and many data are missing.

The number under alexa are Alexa's 3-month average “reach”, defined as percentage of global internet users who visit the site.

In the above table, the last column list some of the services hosted by the site that has major impact on a site's traffic. The items is only of ones i'm aware of.

“doc” means it host language documentation, especially if it is the primary means its coder looks up doc while coding. “forum” means it hosts online discussion forum of some sort, it can also be blog or wiki. “lib” means it is a library archive. “news” means it serves as a news website. Typically, having any one of these services increases a site's traffic a few hundred times.

The list is not that surprising.

Many top ones are due to the popularity of the lang, but also because their site host the lang's documentation and discussion forum (or wiki,blogs). Hosting a web forum are likely to increase traffic some 100 fold. For example, is most popular because it is one of the top 5 most popular language, but also because holds its language documentation in a very convenient searchable way, and is the primary means how php coders read its doc when coding. (as opposed for example, perl or python, where probably most programers use the downloadable version of its documentation.) Similarly, for languages of Java, mysql, and Common Lisp, the doc online are their primary means of doc reading when coding.

When a website provides a forum, or blog, wiki, it also increases its traffic perhaps few hundred times, since these services gets people to participate in discussion, sometimes chatty. Some lang sites provides library archive as a service. Good example is perl's “”, which makes the site one-stop place for coders to search existing code modules. When a website provides news service, it also increases its traffic a few times.

Web Dev Sites Comparison

sitequantcastalexacomment home (large site with browser download, JavaScript ref, wiki, bug track, etc) tutorial and ref site on html, css, js, php, xml… standard tutorial and ref and css quirks across browsers and ref on html, css, xml ref

Math Sites Popularity

Here's a rough order of popularity of math sites.

wolfram.com429.024Mathematica home, mathworld ref, services …
mathforum.org322.01339college level math forum, math edu issues, … history
acm.org249.0362Association for Computing Machinery home
ams.org57.6.0037American Mathematical Society home
maa.org57.7.00185Mathematical Association of America home
cut-the-knot.org31.8.00296Misc Math expositons
mathpuzzle.com12.9.00054Recreational math periodical

Most of the site's data are accessed in 2008-04, but some sites may be added later. The purpose is to give a rough idea of their relative popularity. The 2 sites mostly agree in popularity ranking of the sites listed here, but a major differences is their report on “”.

After the above rankings, one wonders what are the popularity of porn sites. Of course, there's, which is within the world's top 50. But what about the typical porn image sites?


Political Sites

Ok, we've seen about the relative popularity of programing sites, math sites, web dev sites, and porn. What about political sites?

sitequantcastalexacomment blog by pro writers state gov blog Intelligence Agency

Some Social Networking sites

Some social bookmark sites.


Misc Sites

sitequantcastalexacomment oriented web comics comics strips web comics commentary comedian started from youtube

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