Git: Setting up git on GitCafe

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This page show you how to setup git on GitCafe, the minimum steps you need to do, without installing extra things.

GitCafe is a git hosting website for Chinese, based in China.

Step 1: Create a Account

GitCafe logo 2

First, go to the site to create a account.

Step 2: Setup SSH Key

Now, generate your ssh key. On terminal:

# generating a ssh rsa key for gitcafe site
ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "" -f ~/.ssh/gitcafe

This will create 2 files:

Copy the content of your public key, and go to (login first), and paste it there.

then, create this file ~/.ssh/config and add these lines:

    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/gitcafe

Then, on gitcafe website, click to create a new project.

Then, on your machine, add gitcafe URL:

cd existing dir of git repository

# associate a name to a git project remote repository
git remote add gitcafe

# push the master branch to a remote server named “gitcafe”
git push gitcafe master

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