Linux: feh Image Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts

By Xah Lee. Date: .

feh is the best linux image viewer that allow random slide show of nested directories.

install: sudo apt-get install feh.

then, to view all images randomly at ~/Pictures, do:

feh --recursive --randomize --auto-zoom --geometry 1600x1000 ~/Pictures

feh will do a slide show of all files in that dir.

--geometry 1600x1000 means set a fixed window size. (otherwise, window size changes with each image)

feh Keyboard Shortcuts

Adding Action Key to Delete/Move Files

you can add a action to the key 0, by the argument --action command. For example, to have 0 move the current image to trash, call it like this:

feh --recursive --action "gvfs-trash '%f'"  ~/Pictures/ &

You can add more key actions. Keys 1 to 9 are available, corresponding to --action1 to --action9.

For more detail, see man feh.

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