Truncated Octahedrons, Rhombic Triacontahedron, Dodecahedron in Real Life

By Xah Lee. Date: .
chc airport truncated octahedra 2016
Truncated octahedrons at CHC Airport, New zealand.
dodecahedron at KMart 2016-07
white dodecahedron pots at KMart, . [image source ]
dodecahedron frames at KMart 2016-07 21953
Dodecahedron at KMart, . [image source ]
dodecahedron pot frame at KMart 2016-07 97589
Dodecahedron at KMart, . [image source ]
dodecahedron candle holder at KMart 2016-07 07429
Dodecahedron at KMart, . [image source ]
rhombic triacontahedron 61006
rhombic triacontahedron at Target, . Photo by Robert Munafo. [image source ]
fractal kirigami 2016-08
by Phil Wilson. kirigami = 3D artwork by cutting a single piece of paper.

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