Pretty Math

Collection of photos that captures the beauty of math.

Knot Theory, Braid Theory

cable knitting-s250x250
Knitting, Chinese Knots, Braid Theory

Hyperbolic Geometry

hyperbolic surface lamp cover bachman light 88939
“bachman light”
hyperbolic surface lamp cover
[Artist David Bachman Unlocks the Secret Identities of Everyday Objects By Angela Linneman. At ]


math lamp net shadow
Math net shadow lamp. Beauty of projective geometry at work. 2013-08-26
sphere lamp projection Wolfram Research
sphere lamp projection, Wolfram Research

Stereographic Projection, Riemann sphere (Complex Analysis)

stereographic projection by Henry Segerman 2013-12-12-s283x221
Stereographic Projection


klein bottle opener klein bottle opener 2
klein bottle opener

Tiling and Patterns

tire print snow pattern
tire print in snow. 2017-01-17 [image source by Kazimir Majorinc, 2017-01-17]
sphere two-point islamic pattern-s307x204
Geometric Pattern on Sphere and Torus


Blue Fire roller coaster-s289x217
Roller Coaster Calculus

Chaos Theory

math water curtain grptw
math water curtain 2019-02-18 [image source twitter DrPhiltill]
Abu Dhabi airport 2018-09-25 0cf54
Abu Dhabi airport 2018-09-25 0cf54 [image source twitter henryseg]


truncated octahedra chc airport 2016-s289x217
Polyhedra Sculptures
polyhedron chocolate dice-s273x229
Polyhedra Chocolate
dodecahedron tits 1280
dodecahedron tits 2013-07-08


fractal kirigami 2016-08
by Phil Wilson. twitter FlowPhil kirigami = 3D artwork by cutting a single piece of paper.

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