p-adic number

By Xah Lee. Date: .

omg, i learned what is p-adic number for the first time! after 25 years hearing about it.

What does it feel like to invent math?
Aug 13, 2015

just finished watching this vid

Now i want to comment. First, i find it, confusing, a bad job of teaching math. However, it's of utter value to me, for, i have now understand p-adic numbers for the first time!

At least, conceptually. Namely, it's an alternative completion of the rational numbers. Basically, redefining distance, while satisfying some restrictions. Fantastic! Heard p-adic since some 25 years ago. First time having a notion of what it is!

gosh, this is one of the greatest personal learning i had this year, or, in recent years!

p-adic number 2022-11-14
p-adic number 2022-11-14