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This page is a index to math related articles. There are over a thousand articles. Use the search box to find what you are looking for. The items are listed roughly in order of the project's quality. More substantial ones are on top.

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A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

curve icon archimedes spiral cassinianOvalMask

Surface Gallery

surface icon boys bryant-kusner hyperboloid1

Discontinuous Groups of Rotation and Translation in the Plane

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Math Graphics Gallery

tiling icon 4bw stareye xa kubli rs

Intro to 3D Geometry Programing

ball shadow-s

Great Math Programs

A annotated listing of 100+ excellent recreational math programs. You'll find polyhedra & Rubic cubes, curves & surfaces, fractals & L-systems, tilings & symmetry, game of hex & game of life, go & five-in-a-row, peg solitare & polyominos, …

A collection and review of some 50 excellent math software.

Geometric Transformation

complex map

Intro to Real Projective Plane

Notes on A New Kind of Science

Crop Circle Gallery

crop circle Diessenhofen 2008-07-15 70-Tidcombe-Down-Wilts-2007-07-26-Wheat-OH
linear algebra anime
“线性代数” (Linear algebra)

Math Notation, Syntax, Formal Language

See: Math Notations, Computer Language Notations, and the “Form” in Formalism (≈45 articles)

Misc Random Notes

Misc Fun Visual Geometry

Math Eye Candy


tiling & patterns



Random Social Commentary


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