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A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

plane curves-2

Geometry: Gallery of Surfaces

surface icon boys bryant-kusner hyperboloid1

Discontinuous Groups of Rotation and Translation in the Plane

wall paper icon

Math Graphics Gallery

tiling icon 4bw stareye xa kubli rs

Intro to POV-Ray and 3D Geometry Programing

ball shadow-s

Great Math Software

3dxm curved space mac GeoGebra screenshot

Geometric Transformation on the Plane

complex map

Intro to Real Projective Plane


Notes on A New Kind of Science

xah a new kind of science 2015 s

Crop Circle Gallery

crop circle Diessenhofen 2008-07-15 70-Tidcombe-Down-Wilts-2007-07-26-Wheat-OH
linear algebra anime
“线性代数” (Linear algebra)

Math Notation, Syntax, Formal Language

See: Math Notations, Computer Language Notations, and the “Form” in Formalism (~45 articles)

Misc Random Notes

polynomial roots crops-s
The Beauty of Roots
torus wrap
Reading Notes on 〈The Shapes of Space〉
Number Of Ways To Loop n Points

Misc Fun Visual Geometry

paper canoe 8-s
Paper Folding Basics: Canoe, Sail Boat, Topedo Boat

Math Eye Candy


Escher Stars Wizard Gynoid 03-s
Art: M C Escher “Stars” Chameleon Polyhedron 📺
truncated octahedra chc airport 2016-s
Truncated Octahedrons, Rhombic Triacontahedron, Dodecahedron in Real Life
Kawai MP9000 piano dodecahedron
Magic Polyhedrons

tiling and patterns

cable knitting
Knitting, Chinese Knots, Braid Theory
Truchet tiles
Celtic Knots, Truchet tiles, Combinatorial Patterns



Random Social Commentary


misc, unsorted

Free Math Textbooks

Xah Math Notes

graphing calculator 79469
Graphing Calculator

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