Skew Dice But Fair

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Skew Dice But Fair

skew dice X2k7T-s250
skew dice
Skew dice
May 10, 2015
Henry Segerman

it supposed to be fair dice. Am thinking there's a major difference from the cube. This one, has 2 different sides, like a coin. In a sense, when you throw this dice, it decides which of the side will fall first, then, decide which of the 3 faces will land.

So, one can actually make a 3-sided pyramid, and have 2 of them and glue the bottom together. So, we could make a infinite shape of 6 faced dice that's still fair. Then, if we wiggle the cutting plane like a saw tooth, we could create quite a lot strange looking and still fair 6-faced dice.

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