Boids, Simulations

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boid Craig Reynolds e00e3
original boid (1986), by Craig Reynolds Java

Boid by Craig Reynolds, is one of the original boid machinenary. Basically, it is computer simulation of the bahavior of flock of birds or school of fishes. The gist is that each move according to the behavior of their nearest neighbors. Fascinating.


boids artificial life tapeworm artificial life
A flock of birds and tapeworms in Ishihama Yoshiaki's Simulations Mac OS 9 macOS

Simulations by Ishihama Yoshiaki. This program does lots of artificial life simulations. The program is a bit of crude. It works like a screensaver, where you just watch the interactions on the screen, and you can adjust some parameters. The program has simulations like flocks of bird, fish school, worms, swarms, and also simulate centipedes showing its gaits, and then spiders, ants, etc. It's basically a collection of simulations that satisfies the programer's curiosities himself. Not a full-fledged program nor polished, but very inspiring.

3D Flocking simulation by Ankit Solanki

3d flocking simulation by Ankit Solanki 2023-07-23 23cb
3d flocking simulation by Ankit Solanki 2023-07-23 23cb

[2021-02-01 ]
by Ankit Solanki (aka techcentaur)

Fluid Simulation

Fluid Simulation by Pavel Dobryakov 2019-12-27 d32my
Fluid Simulation by Pavel Dobryakov 2019 [2019-12-27 ]