Great Math Software

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This is a list of fun visual-oriented math programs i have played with over the past 15 years, with reviews and screenshots. For any new additions, subscribe: Xah Math Blog.

Curves & Surfaces

graphing calc screen 3dxm ParametricSurfaceViewer

Great Math Software for Curves & Surfaces

3D Visualization of Geometry

stereop curved space mac

Great Software For 3D Visualization Of Geometry

Plane Geometry

GeoGebra screenshot car screen gsp

Great Software for Plane Geometry

2D Visualization of Geometry


Great Software For 2D Visualization of Geometry

Tilings, Patterns, Symmetry

taprats gallery4

Great software for Tilings, Patterns, Symmetry

Polyhedra & Polytopes

great stella kaleidoTileScreen hyperspace slicer

Great Math Software: Polyhedrons & Polytopes

Fractals, IFS

fractaldomain-s cantor

Great Fractal Software

Dynamical Systems


Great Software for Dynamical Systems

Artificial Life & Cellular Automata

sim tapeworm

Great Software for Cellular Automata

Mathematical Board Games

ataxx 3344 1b hexy

Great Math Board Game Software


David Byrden dode polyominoes7 KSokoban-screenshot loyds lunacy

Great Math Software on Puzzles

Math Software for Programers

Math Software for Programers

Graphing Software for Microsoft Windows

Graphing Software for Microsoft Windows