Software to Visualize 3D Geometry

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This page lists some fun geometry software i've used. Usually they are visualization software for non-Euclidean geometry or higher-dimensional geometry.

Visualizing Quaternions

screenshot 2019-10-01 hwhx9
quaternions by Ben Eater

Curved Space

curved space screenshot
“Curved Space”

download at iOS macOS Windows

By cosmologist Jeff Weeks.

Jeff Weeks wrote a excellent book to accompany the program. The Shape of Space Buy at amazon.


seifert interf26
Seifert surface from SeifertView Windows

SeifertView by Jack van Wijk, is a software to visualize Seifert Surfaces.

a Seifert surface is a surface whose boundary is a given knot or link.

If you have a question, put $5 at patreon and message me.

Math Software

Curves and Surfaces
curved space mac-s245x256
3D Geometry
GeoGebra screenshot-s274x228
Plane Geometry
NonEuclid by Joel Castellanos 2018 33578-s274x228
girih tiling app 6792f-s316x198
Tilings, Patterns
Polyhedrons and Polytopes
xaos screen-s271x231
Dynamical Systems
Hexagonal Generative Art by Charlotte Dann 52463-s344x181
Cellular Automata
chinese checkers 7889e-s315x198
Math Board Game
peg solitaire puzzle 42044-s296x211
Kawai MP9000 piano dodecahedron-s289x217
Magic Polyhedrons
Math Software for Programers Old Math Software