Peg Solitaire

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Peg Solitaire

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Peg Solitaire2
Peg Solitare for the Mac in 1990s. By anonymous. pegSolitaire.sit.hqx

You begin with a configuration where there's a hole in the center, while all other are filled with marbles (or called pegs). You can remove a peg by jumping one over it. The goal is to leave just 1 peg on the board.

The Ins and Outs of Peg solitaire 7a149
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Cary Torkelson's “Pegged”. (Mac OS, 1991) pegged.sit.hqx Mac OS 9

Pegged is a small mac program that plays Peg Solitare. It offers the traditional cross shaped board, but with 7 arrangement of end games. Written by Cary Torkelson in 1991, but still works great under Mac OS X Classic 2003.


polyPegScreen .Mac OS 9 Windows

Poly-Peg 1.09 by S T Han. This puzzle is sometimes known as peg solitaire. You remove pieces on a board by jumping other pieces over it. The goal is to leave only one piece on the board. PolyPeg lets you edit your own shape of square or hexagonal board and set whether diagonal jump are allowed in square board. It also include a auto solve feature.