Polymino Puzzles

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Pentominos Puzzle Solver

pentominos puzzle solver fd914
http://math.hws.edu/eck/js/pentominos/pentominos.html (2018-04-07) Pentominos Puzzle Solver A pentominos solver, by David Eck.

http://math.hws.edu/xJava/PentominosSolver/ (2018-04-07) Java



“Polyominoes” by Kevin L Gong

http://kevingong.com/Polyominoes/index.html macOS Mac OS 9 Java Windows

Polyominoes is a polyominoes fitting game. Written by Kevin L Gong. In this program, you try to fit a set of polyominoes (connected squares) into a given shape. In another mode, two players take turns fitting polyominoes into a give shape. The first without a fitting piece losses. It's almost impossible to beat the computer. Mac, Windows and Java.


tangram v. 3.2 screenshot

http://members.aol.com/sth777/defaul.html Mac OS 9 Windows

iconTangram (v 4.1, 1999-07. ) Tangram is a popular tiling puzzle that's probably originated from China. The goal is to arrange a set of seven tiles to match a given shape. This software's interface is beautiful and well-designed. Author is S. T. Han (sth@kagi.com).

Books on Tangram

A arresting introduction to tangrams can be found in Time Travel and other Mathematical Bewilderments , by Martin Gardner. Buy at amazon It includes a short bibliography.

If you like mathematical puzzles, you may find this book interesting [Puzzles Old and New: How to make and solve them By Jerry Slocum and Jack Boterman. Buy at amazon] The book includes photographs of many many puzzles. It gives you a panorama of all types of physical puzzles.

Books on Polyominoes

Some excellent intro to polyominoes:

Hexaflexagons and Other Mathematical Diversions By Martin Gardner ca098
Hexaflexagons and Other Mathematical Diversions Buy at amazon, Chapter 13. By Martin Gardner.