Great Math Software: Polyhedrons and Polytopes

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A list of great math software that do polyhedron.


kaleidoTile Windows macOS iPhone Mac OS Classic

KaleidoTile does interactive polyhedron software by Jeff Weeks. You can see how some polyhedra can be generated by mirroring tiles in space, and how one transforms into another. All this in real-time with dynamic control.


great stella
great stella Windows

Stella and Great Stella These are great polyherons programs that the author intended to be the ultimate one, and it truely is a excellent program. This is probably the most comprehensive software for polyhedrons. Author is by Robert Webb. (2004-01, 2018-06-24)

Stewart Coffin's The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections

Stewart Coffin's The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections, now online free at: Source

This book specify in detail a whole type of puzzles that is made of interlocking blocks of various shapes that assemble into regular polyhedrons or beautiful objects of such symmetry.

Magic Polyhedrons

Kawai MP9000 piano dodecahedron
magic dodecahedron

see Magic Polyhedrons

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Math Software

Curves and Surfaces
curved space mac-s245x256
3D Geometry
GeoGebra screenshot-s274x228
Plane Geometry
NonEuclid by Joel Castellanos 2018 33578-s274x228
girih tiling app 6792f-s316x198
Tilings, Patterns
Polyhedrons and Polytopes
xaos screen-s271x231
Dynamical Systems
Hexagonal Generative Art by Charlotte Dann 52463-s344x181
Cellular Automata
chinese checkers 7889e-s315x198
Math Board Game
peg solitaire puzzle 42044-s296x211
Kawai MP9000 piano dodecahedron-s289x217
Magic Polyhedrons
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