Great Math Puzzles

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Mine Sweeper
MineSweeper3D by Robert Webb (2003-09,2006-09-01) Windows

MineSweeper3D by Robert Webb. It is similar to the puzzle Minesweeper that comes with Windows, but MineSweeper3D lets you play it on 3D solids. Very well done.

misc old

Poly-Off 1.09

Poly-Off by S. T. Han Mac OS 9 Windows

Poly-Off 1.09 is another excellent shareware by S. T. Han. The game Poly-Off can be thought of as one type of cellular automata. In a square or hexagonal grid, you switch on or off a cell that will affect neighbor cells. The goal is to switch off all cells. I had lots of fun with this program.

Poly-Dol v.1.01

polyDolScreen Mac OS 9 Windows

Poly-Dol v.1.01 by S. T. Han. The puzzle in this program is similar to a commercial program named Cogito. You shift pieces on a board until all the pieces are in certain order. You can only shift pieces in certain row, column, or array of the board. There are dozen boards to choose for play and you can make your own board shapes. I find this program to be much fun. For Mac and Windows.

Poly-Tile v.1.04

polyTileScreen Mac OS 9 Windows

Poly-Tile v.1.04 by S. T. Han. This puzzel is similar to a commercial program named Tesserae, published by In-Line designs Inc. In this puzzle, Tiles of different design are layed over a board. You remove them one at a time by jumping (flipping) adjacent tiles of the same design. The goal is to leave only one tile on the board. I find this game too difficult. It's also hard to analyze because the random initial placement and designs. Like Poly-Peg and Poly-Dol, you can customize your board when you got bored with the given configurations.