Great Math Software on Puzzles

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This page is a list of great math puzzles software.

If you like mathematical puzzles, you may find this book interesting [Puzzles Old and New: How to make and solve them By Jerry Slocum and Jack Boterman. Buy at amazon] The book includes photographs of many many puzzles. It gives you a panorama of all types of physical puzzles.

Pentominos Puzzle Solver

pentominos puzzle solver fd914 (2018-04-07) Pentominos Puzzle Solver A pentominos solver, by David Eck.


Mine Sweeper
MineSweeper3D by Robert Webb. (2003-09,2006-09-01) Windows

MineSweeper3D by Robert Webb. It is similar to the puzzle Minesweeper that comes with Windows, but MineSweeper3D lets you play it on 3D solids. Very well done.


Some excellent intro to polyominoes:

For a complete mathematical analysis of Peg-Solitare, see [The Ins and Outs of Peg solitaire By J D Beasley. Buy at amazon]

A arresting introduction to tangrams can be found in Time Travel and other Mathematical Bewilderments , by Martin Gardner. Buy at amazon It includes a short bibliography.

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