Graphing Software for Microsoft Windows

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TeraPlot screenshot 2014-02-08
TeraPlot screenshot

TeraPlot (last update 2014) By Robert Fairlie of Kylebank Software.

RomanLab 3D Grapher

RomanLab 3D Grapher screenshot 2006
RomanLab 3D Grapher screenshot

RomanLab 3D Grapher (last update 2003)


GraphCalc (last update 2003) is a basic graphing calculator. Plots 2D and 3Ds. Author are Brendan Fields and Mike Arrison. It is a free software.

MathGV plotter screenshot 2011-10-08
MathGV screenshot


MathGV plotter screenshot 2011-10-08 28998
MathGV screenshot

MathGV (last update 2003) Open Source software.

Graphmatica screenshot 2013-11-11
Graphmatica screenshot


Graphmatica (last update 2013-11-11) by Keith Hertzer of kSoft, inc.

David Parker's DPGraph

David Parker's DPGraph (last update 2013-09-05)

Advanced Grapher

Advanced Grapher:


MathGrapher: (commercial)

Graph Easy

Graph Easy:

If you have a question, put $5 at patreon and message me.

Math Software

  1. 3dxm-s279x224
    Curves and Surfaces
  2. curved space mac-s245x256
    3D Geometry
  3. GeoGebra screenshot-s274x228
    Plane Geometry
  4. NonEuclid by Joel Castellanos 2018 33578-s274x228
  5. girih tiling app 6792f-s316x198
    Tilings, Patterns
  6. kaleidoTileScreen-s289x217
    Polyhedrons and Polytopes
  7. xaos screen-s271x231
  8. stdmap
    Dynamical Systems
  9. Hexagonal Generative Art by Charlotte Dann 52463-s344x181
    Cellular Automata
  10. chinese checkers 7889e-s315x198
    Math Board Game
  11. peg solitaire puzzle 42044-s296x211
  12. Kawai MP9000 piano dodecahedron-s289x217
    Magic Polyhedrons
  13. Math Software for Programers
  14. Old Math Software