Microsoft Windows Technologies


Some Apple and Microsoft technologies relevant to me.

OS X or unix-likeWindowsComments
process monitoringtop, ps,Activity monitortasklist, Windows Task Manager, Process Explorer
file permissionsfixed bit-tweaking systemAccess control listSee: Unix & Windows File Permission Systems
Misc Config DataProperty listWindows Registry
Shared LibraryBundleDLL, COM, ActiveX
UI SystemAquaWindows Aero
Display FrameworkQuartzWindows Display Driver Model, Desktop Window Manager
Graphics EngineOpenGLDirect3D
IDEXcodeVisual Studio amazon
(Express editions are free)
Desktop SearchWindows SearchSpotlight

Microsoft Techs

Windows help files comes in a “.chm” format. It is a form of compressed html. See: Microsoft Compiled HTML Help, generated by Help authoring tool.

Windows Installer

Type “msiexec /?” to see its version.

Microsoft's web server: Internet Information Services (IIS), analogous to Apache on unixes.

Remote Desktop Protocol (The client program's name is “mstsc.exe”.)

XML Paper Specification, a XML based tech for similar purpose as PostScript.

Windows Live Call. “Windows Live Call is part of Microsoft's Windows Live services. It integrates into Windows Live Messenger to allow users to make PC-to-PC and PC-to-Phone voice and video calls”.

Something you need to know on PC is bios. See: BIOS,

List of Microsoft Windows components

Microsoft Windows Docs & Communities

The MSDN and TechNet are complete documentation center for Microsoft Windows. They include tech docs (official or unofficial), forums, blogs, quality sys admin books and tips from Microsoft, etc.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft Sys Admin Issues

Windows Vista startup process

Security Accounts Manager

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