Xah Microsoft Windows Tips

Tips of using Microsoft Windows.

many of the following may be outdated. So, they serve as a record of history.

Keyboard Shortcuts Tips

  1. Microsoft Windows Keyboard Software Guide
  2. AutoHotkey Tutorial
  3. Dvorak Keyboard Layout, My Experience
  4. Chinese Input using Dvorak Layout (Microsoft Pinyin IME); 微軟拼音輸入法 Dvorak 佈局
  1. Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Windows: Disable Caps Lock, Disable Windows Key, Key to Launch App …
  3. Microsoft Windows: Swap Caps Lock, Alt, Control Keys
  4. Microsoft IntelliType Hacks
  5. Microsoft Keyboard: How to Disable the F Lock Key
  6. Disable Ctrl+Alt+S Shortcut for HP Support Information, PC Doctor

Mouse Productivity Tips

web browser

Windows Tech Tutorial



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