Xah Microsoft Windows Tips

Tips of using Microsoft Windows.

Keyboard Shortcuts Tips

  1. Microsoft Windows Keyboard Software Guide
  2. AutoHotkey Tutorial
  3. Dvorak Keyboard Layout, My Experience
  4. Chinese Input using Dvorak Layout (Microsoft Pinyin IME); 微軟拼音輸入法 Dvorak 佈局
  1. Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Windows: Disable Caps Lock, Disable Windows Key, Key to Launch App …
  3. Microsoft Windows: Swap Caps Lock, Alt, Control Keys
  4. Microsoft IntelliType Hacks
  5. Microsoft Keyboard: How to Disable the F Lock Key
  6. Disable Ctrl+Alt+S Shortcut for HP Support Information, PC Doctor

Mouse Productivity Tips

web browser

Windows Tech Tutorial



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