Computer: ASUS Graphics Card and Motherboard

By Xah Lee. Date:

Found these items on Amazon. Gorgeous.

Cooler Master CPU fan
“Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler, RR-B10-212P-G1” Buy at amazon
“ASUS GTX570 DirectCU II graphics card” Buy at amazon 1266×1040
“ASUS P8P67 DELUXE LGA 1155 SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0 Supported Intel P67 DDR3 2400 ATX Motherboard” Buy at amazon 1464×1133

These are high-end items. The graphics card is on amazon for ~$394 as of today.

I didn't know ASUS makes GPU. Here's a excerpt from Wikipedia ASUS:

ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated (Chinese: 華碩電腦股份有限公司) is a multinational computer technology and consumer electronics product manufacturer headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Its product range includes motherboards, [graphics cards], desktops, laptops, monitors, tablet PCs, servers and mobile phones. The company also produces components for other manufacturers, including Dell, Falcon Northwest, Hewlett-Packard and Apple Inc..

… As of 26 November 2009, 29.2% of PCs sold in the previous 12 months worldwide came with an ASUS motherboard. The company's 2009 revenues reached US$21.2 billion.

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