Perl Documentation: the Key to Perl

By Xah Lee. Date:

So, i wanted to know what the option perl -C does. So, here's perldoc perlrun. Excerpt:

perldoc perlrun 2019-03-12 xht63
perldoc perlrun 2019-03-12

reading that is like a adventure. It's like this:

The -C is a key to unlock many secrets. Just get it, and you'll be all good to go, except in cases you may need the inner key. You'll find a hinge in the key, open it, then there's a subkey. On the subkey, there's a number. Take that number to the lock, it will open with keyX. When you use keyX, it must be matched with the previous inner key with 8th bit. keyX doesn't have a ID, but you can make one by finding the number at the place you found the key C. Key C is actually optional, but when inner key and keyX's number matches, it changes the nature of the lock. This is when you need to turn on keyMode …