Catenoid Fence

minimal surface
                  About the Catenoid Fence

                          H. Karcher

    These singly periodic surfaces are parametrized (aa) by
rectangular tori; our lines extend polar coordinates around
the two punctures to the whole Torus. The surfaces look
like a fence of catenoids, joined by handles; they were made by
Karcher and Hoffman, responding to the suggestive skew 4-noids.
The morphing parameter aa is the modulus (a function of the
length ratio) of the rectangular Torus. Formulas are from [K2]

[K2]  H. Karcher, Construction of minimal surfaces, in "Surveys in 
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      SFB 256, Bonn, 1989, pp. 1--96.

  For a discussion of techniques for creating minimal surfaces with 
various qualitative features by appropriate choices of Weierstrass
data, see either [KWH], or pages 192--217 of [DHKW].

[KWH]  H. Karcher, F. Wei, and D. Hoffman, The genus one helicoid, and
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