Xah Discord Artwork

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
rsi shitposting peppe 2020-04-05 hrwsp-s757x1070
rsi shitposting pepe 2020-04-05 by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/] 2480×3508
eyes pepe cgs6h
eyes pepe
cat SARS-COV-2 2020-04-05 zqssq
cat SARS-COV-2 2020-04-05
xah portrait by DropsOfSerenity 2020-04-05 cmcxj
xah portrait by DropsOfSerenity 2020-04-05
xah lee drawing 2019-08-23 7zs8d
xah lee drawing 2019-08-23
saint xah the non-bloated 2hsfr
saint xah the non-bloated by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/]
powerful xahlee experience 7fhmq
powerful xahlee experience.
art by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/].
xah pear 2020-04-05 pczcz-s779x1039
xah pear by Zumwelt Zumleben 3024×4032
facial expressions study 2020-04-05 c7ttp
facial expressions study 2020-04-05 by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/]
alien wojak v37pp
alien wojak by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/]
alien wojak flamethrower ndy87
alien wojak flamethrower by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/]
reaper by alan f4zc2
reaper by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/].
reaper russian collusion 20200326 fqn4p
reaper russian collusion 20200326, by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/]
DSL = domain specific language. Insider joke. Reaper claims that Ruby has DSL.
xah art reaper table 5qg75
reaper on folding table with moving casters. 2020-05-18. Art by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/]
emily the orthogonal y4mck
emily the orthogonal by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/]
arirang 2020-04-05 np3qm
arirang 2020-04-05 by Alan [https://captainalan.github.io/]

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