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xah talk show. Goto youtube, search xahlee, subscribe+alert. here's link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXEJNKH9I4xsoyUNN3IL96A

possible topics. type any of the following in comment in realtime and i'll talk about that.

xah talk show in 2.5 hours. At noon, San Francisco time. goto YouTube, search xahlee, subscribe + πŸ””. gonna teach geometric inversion, stereographic projection, mobius transformation, reimann sphere.

add mouse scroll to change input value Arrow Keys Efficiency: vim HJKL vs IJKL

Global Internet Usage Hour Pattern

xah talk show 2019-04-23 find replace in emacs, golang. and social justice
xah talk show 2019-04-22 B, live coding JavaScript app, Arrow Keys Efficiency vim HJKL vs IJKL
vi hjkl vs ijkl 2019-04-25 yw779
vi hjkl vs ijkl 2019-04-25 yw779

Arrow Keys Efficiency: vim HJKL vs IJKL

xah talk show 2019-04-22 A.

necessarily Xah Talk Show, on youtube screen in about 2 hours. SF time 11am. come by, and listen to the great and strange wondrous things of human animals.

depending who come first to ask a subject early, i give a comprehensive intro to JavaScript, the number 1 language today. for Good, and Bad.

the other topic in queue is Algorithmic Mathematical Art. Or, an intro to how compiler works. All in a unprofessional manner, like, listening to a villager in a town passing his learnings. No smooth scripted edited fake lectures or robotic reading off a text.

JavaScript in Depth

Emacs: Eww Web Browser

Emacs: Set Color Theme

Death of a Troll, My Memory of Erik Naggum (1965 to 2009)

rob pike on syntax coloring 2012-10-27 pztwk
rob pike on syntax coloring 2012-10-27 [source https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/golang-nuts/hJHCAaiL0so/kG3BHV6QFfIJ]

My Experience of Emacs vs XEmacs

jwz vs xahlee 2016-10-28 25x9f
jwz vs xahlee 2016-10-28 https://twitter.com/jwz/status/791901782435729408

[Why Utopian Communities Fail By Ewan Morrison. At https://areomagazine.com/2018/03/08/why-utopian-communities-fail/ ]

xah talk show in 1.5 hour. San Francisco 11pm. goto YouTube, search xahlee, sub + πŸ””. join me.

xah talk show 2019-04-17, vimgolf in emacs with xah-fly-keys, Dvorak layout, kinesis keyboard

links mentioned.

the great xah talk show, in 1 hour. San Francisco Time, 2:30pm. join me. goto youtube, search xahlee, subscribe + πŸ””

xah talk show 2019-04-15 boba milk tea, linux UI prob, Fake News origin, sjgang, Unabomber Manifesto
xah talk show 2019-04-15 phdvw.m4a

xah talk show 2019-04-12

learning a language. listen/speak, read/write. separate. tips: watch movies sans subtitle

text vs video.

xah talk show 2019-04-09 live coding, emacs + javascript + svg to draw geometry truchet tiles

Xah TV 2019-04-08

xah talk show 2019-03-30, why you hate exceptions, golang demo prime sieve

golang prime sieve 2019-03-30 rcswd
golang prime sieve 2019-03-30 rcswd
package main

// write a program that prints the first 100 prime numbers

import "fmt"

func main() {

	var max = 600

	var nonprime = map[int]bool{}

	for j := 2; j < 100; j++ {
		for i := 2; i <= max; i++ {
			var x = j * i
			if x < max {
				nonprime[x] = true

	for i := 0; i < max; i++ {
		var _, b = nonprime[i]
		if !b {
			fmt.Printf("%v\n", i)

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