Google AdSense Ban on Ancient Asian Goddess Sculpture Page

By Xah Lee. Date:

Just got a notice from Google that this page is in violation of their AdSense program due to mature content: Architectural Beauties. The issue on that page is probably these 2 images of Asian goddesses:

Google AdSense ban 2012-09-02 Architectural Beauties 1
Architectural Beauties page screenshot. (Full page screenshot of as of : 998×4019)
Google AdSense ban 2012-09-02
Google AdSense ban notice,

The 2 Asian goddess images are linked to this page: Sculpture of Asian Demigoddesses: Apsara, Devatas, Yakshini. This page does not contain any Google Ads.

The ancient temple links to this page: Khajuraho Temple, which is a famous ancient temple with many sculptures of copulation. But the page does not contain Google Ads.

I'm working on removing Google Ads on some pages of the site in question, and will submit a appeal.