Google Crimes

Google was the Do No Evil corp. From its beginning in around y2k to about 2008, it was the most ethical, best company. We tech nerds supported it and massively helped market it by word of mouth.

But since about 2010, Google, became the most powerful corp and gradually became the most corrupt corp in the world.

This page list the crimes Google has done.

Google Hangout Kept Changing

Google hangout change 2020-12-17 ZqgFZ
Google hangout change 2020-12-17
Google kept changing its stuff every few years.

Google Adsense Ignore Minimal Ad Settings. 2024

Google adsense program ignores your minimal ads settings. If you have not tended to your google adsense account for a while, Your site each page became ad spam.

google ad sense spam 2024-06-12
google ad sense spam 2024-06-12

Google Evil Leader, Sundar Pichai

Corps are run by man. If a corporation is doing evil, a human is doing it.

For most of the evil years of Google, Sundar Pichai is the leader.

Sundar Pichai 2024-02-28
Sundar Pichai 2024-02-28