Are Googlers the Minions of Google Marketing?

By Xah Lee. Date:

it's somewhat disappointing. Vast majority of Googlers on Google Plus, they all seem to be doing marketing for Google. It's all nice tweets, new features of Google Plus, how great Google Plus is, news of another net celebrity joining Google Plus.

maybe they just love the company they work for? But if you look closer, i don't think it's peach-n-cream like that. They seldom, basically never, tweet about actual work, or any thought that might be negative to Google, in fact, vast majority don't tweet anything non-Google at all (except generic crowd-pleasing cat pics or piping thru luke-warm news).

a job is a job. Even though Google caters a great and fun environment for its employees, am pretty sure there are still pressures, conflicts, or just tiredness, at least occasionally.

then, outside of Google Plus, there are a few dedicated blogs of ex-Googlers. There, it's usually always somewhat negative of Google, with polite words patched over on top.

it's natural for one to carefully avoid talking about his work, his boss, especially negative parts. But the number of Googlers online, and how they all seem to be doing Google marketing, seems, unnatural.

just to be sure, am trying to think of how other big companies are like regarding this. Apple, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, IBM, etc. I can't make a judgment because i don't really know much blogs by these company's employees, except that Steve Jobs made the his fans do marketing for him.

PS ok, a new thought. Maybe Google is like that because they have shaped their marketing into a science, like everything else of their algorithm and scientific methodology fetish. So, instead of having dedicated marketing personnel (which they do), they spread marketing informally to be parts of work to all staff (For example, programers and managers too). So, any worker, are encouraged to use perhaps their break time or “the 20% time” to do Google marketing on their own, without being directed. May it be a simple tweet of some new Android cuddly at Google, or participate a video broadcasting some new Google feature.


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