DuckDuckGo (ddg) Search Sucks

By Xah Lee. Date: .

duckduckgo vs google

after using for half a year now, it is decidedly inferior to google search. for popular simple search queries, it works fine. But if you are looking for anything weird or uncommon, google is better. i wonder how bing's doing

DuckDuckGo = lack luster

now half of the time i search something, @DuckDuckGo gives me this error:

If this error persists, please let us know:

DuckDuckGo error 2018-09-13 2bef9
DuckDuckGo error 2018-09-13

(this happens when I'm using brave browser with JavaScript off by default, and ddg as default search)

am thinking abandoning it.

duckduckgo is such that, if you search for something easy, something typically you'd expect from 1st result, then u get what u want. But any slightly rare search, or research, its lack luster. you resort back to google.

DuckDuckGo error fixed 2018-09-14 7baff
DuckDuckGo error fixed 2018-09-14

DuckDuckGo problem, JavaScript image search

one extremely annoying thing about @DuckDuckGo is that, if you have js off, u search something, then you want images, u turn on js, there is no way to navigate to it. u have to start a new tab, start js, goto duck, then img search. but in @brave, u can't start js untill a site is loaded

both google search and bing search don't have this problem.

duckduckgo censor results

duckduckgo censor gabriel weinberg 2022-03-10
duckduckgo censor results, gabriel weinberg 2022-03-10

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