Google Do Evil

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

we nerds helped google rise since 2000 because it is truly good and quality products. We didn't realize it turns out to be the most evil corporation in history. Very sad.

[Former Mozilla exec: Google has sabotaged Firefox for years By Catalin Cimpanu. At ]

[Google AMP lowered our page speed, and there's no choice but to use it By Walid Halabi. At ]

Google erasing history. been going on for a while. in a massive scale

[Indeed, it seems that Google IS forgetting the old Web By Marco Fioretti. At ]

google fkup competitor microsoft edge browser

google evil fkup other browsers 2018-12-18 34739
google evil fkup other browsers 2018-12-18 [source [ twitter campuscodi ] [ 2018-12-18 ]]

google search censorship 2018-12-16

google censorship 2018-12-16 854d4
google censorship 2018-12-16

other search engines shows email.

bing search hillary clinton em 2018-12-17 0a201
bing search hillary clinton em 2018-12-17

YouTube greed. Are you sure you want to leave YouTube?

youtube greed 2018-04-10
youtube greed 2018-04-10
google idiot 2018-12-22 b31a3-2
google idiot 2018-12-22

Google auto log you into the Google Chrome

stop using google chrome browser. it auto log you in into Chrome browser. That means, they can track every page you visit. Also, by using Google Chrome, they can track everything you do. But with the auto login, it gives them a legally defendable reason to do so.

[Why I'm done with Chrome By Matthew Green. At ]

i recommend brave browser instead. am using it.