Phone and Tablet Screen Density Comparison

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Here's pixel dimension and density of popular phone and tablets.

NamePixel DimensionsPPIScreen Ratioyear
iMac 21.5″ look at amazon 1920×10801021.78
MacBook Pro 15″ look at amazon 1680×10501281.6
IPad 2 look at amazon 1024×7681321.33
IPad 32048×15362641.33
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 look at amazon 1280×8001491.62011
Samsung Galaxy Tab look at amazon 1024×6001701.6
Amazon Kindle 1 and 2800×6001671.33
Amazon Kindle DX1200×8241501.46
Kindle Fire look at amazon 1024×6001691.712011
Motorola Xoom look at amazon 1280×8001601.62011
BlackBerry PlayBook look at amazon 1024×6001691.72011
IPhone 4 look at amazon 960×6403261.52010
IPhone 5 look at amazon 1136×6403261.772012
IPhone 6 look at amazon 1334×7503261.772014
IPhone 6 Plus 1920×10804011.772014

In general, display for PC usually have a density of 80 to 120 PPI. While tablets is 130 PPI, 150 PPI, phones got 300 PPI.

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