Why I'm Removing Tech Blogger Celebrities and Googler on Google Plus

By Xah Lee. Date:

in the past couple months, i started to remove pop persons from my circles, those accrued when Google Plus started.

basically, anyone with thousands of followers, immediately begets my despise, and is prime candidate for removal.

the process goes like this. In a day, when i see a post, i go to their page, check who they were. If they got thousands of followers, we never interacted, then i do a quick check of their past posts (and if it is not specialized, and not of interest to me, then they are uncircled.)

on average, i remove 2 persons per day. I do this leisurely, as i don't want to treat it like a job and do drudgery of meta-managing social-network work.

most of these folks are googlers, writers/bloggers, media “experts”, of the tech/startup gossip community (For example, seo, mashable, techcrunch, etc countless shits). Half of them are women which i begot from the most followed women shit that was circulating when Google Plus started.

i, xah lee, despise them. They are idiots. Their writings, are drivels of humanity. (as opposed to: “I really appreciate all the creative, talented, people that i've come to know that together we make the world a better place.”. Do faak my ass!)

you see, dear readers, if you want to know about any subject of human animals, there's encyclopedia, textbooks, history books, War And Peace. But if you want interactivity with live person, then the proper person is expert of that area, usually professors (and vast majority of them don't do “social”, for the very reason that “social” is often a stupidity hole.). What the social networking pop stars are, are drivel mongers and marketing dweebs that curate second-hand wishful thinking to brainless persons to amass massive following, especially in tech. (and why they do that? how did this group arise? web $ads$+$spam$ in past decade) Not unlike, say, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton gather massive teen girl fans.

like, the bags of Hilton and shoes of Britney is your tech geeker's Facebook and Google Plus and Apple and Steve Jobs. Gossip, gossip, gossssipi!

googlers (i.e. Google employees) is a interesting special case. Normally, these people are not your average gossip/idiocy spreading group. However, due to Google Plus status and the financial incentive from their company for the success of Google Plus, tons of googlers became pop stars, each with tens of thousands of followers overnight. [see Are Googlers the Minions of Google Marketing?]

at first, i thought it's interesting. Because, i like Google (been observing the company for a decade [see Can Google Be Trusted?]). Google products are always far better quality than competitor. I think googlers are smart bunch. But, in general, the result from following googlers are quite disappointing. Half of their posts are to peddle Google Plus, like: “ZOMG check out this new feature in Google Plus!”. Then, half of the women tweet woman things… bags, photo of their dinner plates, cute puppies, then now and then sentimental shit like saving Africa or stupid quotes like that the likes of Dalai Lama [see Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama]. While, guys, don't do much better… tweeting tech gadgets, some new memes youtube vid about physics. Curiously, as a programer, i thought i'd occasionally see interesting tweet about programing from coders… that basically never happened.