Where Do Spammers Came From

By Xah Lee. Date:

fcking spammers scraping my site content as their own.

and, each day, am getting a spam tweet. Others with more followers, gets tens of them per day. I have to spend 20 min per day cleaning spam comments on my site. Google search always ends up with lots of spam sites. Gmail filters tens of spam email per day, but still a couple came thru to my inbox each day. YouTube, are increasing filled with spam videos, for example, no-content videos from spammers telling you about making money or clicking to go to their site…

if you live on the net, as most of us Google Plus users are, you know there's tons of spam. On twitter, facebook, blogs, everywhere, and more and more on Google Plus. They spam you in ever every possible imaginable way.

you wonder, where the hell they come from? Such a prodigious quantity, globally. Even though, google, twitter, facebook, these powerful companies put great effort to check spam, often in a automated way with bleeding-edge tech, but it seems almost useless, because the spammers either has a order of magnitude greater in man power, and or, has their own bleeding-edge tech to spam the hell of the anti-spam system (called tech-war escalation). Twitter, a comparatively smaller player, its livelihood depends on clean stream, else users will abandon it. We can be pretty sure that spam reach us not because these company didn't try hard to get rid of it.

here comes Xah Wrath: it is from all the nice people you see on the web, my friend. On twitter, you know so many have “seo expert” on their profile? same for Google Plus. And they are all nice, wonderful, people. Leaving constructive comments in discussions in your posts.

where else do they possibly came from? middle of the earth?

maybe you are a single mom. Maybe you are a student activist spreading great ethics online. But when your chips are down, perhaps you have also signed up on the spam team to get a few bucks during the night? Spammers, content farms, black hat SEO, they don't come into existence by magic. They need Capital: workers, posters, account operators, writers, creators, managers, recruiters, and spam tech needs coders to write. Or, is it only evil lords who do spam? Or, perhaps, it's the Russian, the Chinese, they, it is they, who did all the wrong. Or, actually, maybe it's the Anonymous. They kids, doing fcking things everywhere. One thing we know for sure is, it's not you and me, not our family, not our friends.

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