Web Spam, Scam, Blackhat SEO Collection

  1. Web Spam Farm 2018
  2. Think Twice Before You Donate to Wikipedia
  3. China ISP Ad Injection
  4. Urban Legend Debunker Site Snopes Runs Spam Services to Spread Urban Legends?
  5. Spam Text Collection: Unicode-Obfuscated Spam, 2012
  6. New Trend: favspam on Twitter
  7. Spamlicious: Buy Twitter, Facebook Followers, and YouTube Views
  8. Twitter Spamfarm
  9. Facebook Fraud
  10. Grayhat SEO Use Translation as a Method to Generate Inbound Links
  11. Human Operated Twitter Spam: Beg a Question to Confuse Spam Detectors
  12. Machine Generated Spam
  13. Pretty Girl Spam
  14. Twitter Spam Farm Army Parallel Spam
  15. Seo Hack on Alexa
  16. Where Do Spammers Came From?
  17. Linkedin Spam Filter Collateral Damage
  18. Daily Mail Stealing Images

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