Google Greed, YouTube Related Video (2018)

By Xah Lee. Date: .

When you embed a Google's YouTube video in your blog, you used to be able to not have it show related videos at the end.

This specific feature, was very important, back in the early days of Google do no evil era (roughly y2k to 2012), and is significant in growth of YouTube. Lots blogs embed YouTube videos with this feature on. Because when you write a blog with specific topic and created a video hosted on YouTube, you don't want your reader to see a bunch of random related videos. (e.g. your product announcement, or product review, or math lecture, etc.)

Now, Google forces to always show “related” video at the end of the video. This is Google greed.

YouTube show related video 2019-01-29 98km5
YouTube show related video 2019-01-29

Before, this is specifically for stop showing related videos. Now, they don't work. A bunch of video suggestions always show.