Stereographic Projection

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

The following are images of stereographic projection.

Stereographic projection
A grid on the floor projected onto a ball. sphere_proj_illus.nb

Suppose you have a beach ball sitting on a elaborately beautifully tiled floor. Now, suppose the top of the beach ball we call it North Pole. Now, Let there be a straight line from the north pole to a point on the floor. Call this point P. This line will intersect the beach ball somewhere, let's call the point of intersection Q. Now, every point P on the floor will then have a corresponding point Q on the ball. This process, of making a image from the floor to the ball is called Stereographic Projection. The following are some examples.

star arrow network star arrow network rs
hexagram snowflake hexagram snowflake rs
random hex tiling random hex tiling projection
random hex tiling random hex tiling projection


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