Websites on Conic Sections

By Xah Lee. Date:

See: Websites on Plane Curves, Plane Curves Books .

Robert Yates: Curves and Their Properties .

Math Related Links

Analytic treatment of conics

Silvio Levy/CRC Reference, about 5 pages on conics.

Alexander Bogomolny. A proof of ellipses being a conic section.

June Jones. Tutorial on conics. (includes a list of applications)

Optical Properties

“Geometry and Billiards”, Serge Tabachnikov, ~2005. ★ Department of Mathematics, Penn State University. A published book on the subject. Source

“Billiards in the Round”, Ivars Peterson, 1997-03-03. One HTML page. Mathematical Association Of America's MathLand article. Discuss a billiard game played on a elliptical table, with illustrations.

Projective Geometry and other approach

Philip Spencer and Justin Moore. Explains projective geometry. ★ Source

Michel Guillerault. Projective geometry with Cabri II software. ★ (In French.) Source

Wilson Stothers. Conics through both synthetic and algebraic approach, with Cabri II supplements. ★

Pascal's Theorem

Mathew Frank, on Pascal's theorem. (~4 pages) 1995 Source (2001-02)

History Related Links

MacTutor Famous Curve Index: • EllipseHyperbolaParabola

Mathematician: John H. Conway. A newsgroup message on the etymology of parabola, hyperbola, and ellipse. (Local link. Copied with permission). conicsEtynomogy.txt .

Misc Links

Occurrence Of The Conics by By Jill Britton 2008-02. A page that give examples of conic sections in everyday life, with many illustrations. ★

Hollister David. Images of moiré; patterns of circles and lines simulating conics. Including a nice small animation that simulate conics with changing eccentricity. The site includes some other very nice mathematical arts. Source Hop David on Dandelin Spheres ★: Source