Buy A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

All prices are in US dollars.

Entire Content of Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves Site

The entire content of Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves site. $49.

The complete site also contains all of the following items.

GeoGebra Files

60 GeoGebra files. $15.

Geometer Sketchpad Files

110 Geometer's Sketchpad files. $20.

Cabri II Geometry files

24 Cabri II Geometry files. $5

Mathematica Packages and Notebooks

6 Mathematica packages and 70 Mathematica notebooks. $10

(The Mathematica files are of Mathematica version 4, but should work with Mathematica 7 or 8.)

Graphing Calculator files

60 Graphing Calculator files. $10

“Curves and Their Properties” Book

Complete scanned version of Robert C Yates's Curves and Their Properties book. A 245-page classic. $10.

What Do People Say?

See: Printed Citations to and Site Awards and Recognition.

Payment methods

I can be contacted thru email at “” or “”

Once i got the payment, i'll send you a link to download, within a day.

Note: The files are sold for personal use only or reasonable educational use. You may not republish it. Please contact me if you are interested in a site license.

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