Communism, American, and Open Source

By Xah Lee. Date:

Average folks don't know what is communism, especially the American. Their collective image of communism, is oppressive governments, no freedom of speech, masses of blue-collar workers, and very poor quality of life. These images are partially due to, of course, the anti-communism governments such as the USA, or my nationalistic home country Taiwan. Perhaps not today but in the past decades, when communism around the world was still hot.

Communism is in fact a ideology of the highest moral standard. In short, communism is living in peace, helping each other out, equal rights for everyone, and on the whole resources-a-plenty to the point where the concept of greed is unknown (one just takes what is needed). Capitalism, from the communist's point of view, is greed, prostitutes, swindles, haves and have-nots, kings and queens, putrid corruptions, possessive obsessions, stress, psychological problems, homeless on the street, million dollar litigation circuses, cigar-in-pussy president …

Much of the ills of capitalism as envisioned by communists can be seen in the most capitalist country the US of A. OH. Oh! Look at the greedy corporations. Look at the greedy CEOs, where million dollars income still prompt them to devious means. Look at the stupid politicians. Look at the harlots and pimps, and sexual allusions of all kinds sticking to your faces and ears in the media every minute of it.

As of today, the communist countries have been mostly failures, while the self-centered capitalist countries are far and away the most prosperous countries of the world, where its ghettos and have-nots have a living-standard higher than the averages in many countries.

If you ask me, i'd say that's because the human nature is a moral-less baseness self-centered and greed-based creature. Therefore, the high moral ideology of communism simply is not compatible, will not work, and will never be successful however implemented. When forced, it creates corruption, laziness, social inefficiency, and misery. But it bugs me to no end, to see the know-nothingers of US of A citizens open their mouth on this and that, and ethic and morality this and that, and communism this and that, head-strong and carefree, thinking that they are the highest ethical and god-believing beings on earth and can dictate what is right and wrong for everybody.

Now Open Source shares with communism some basic ideas. Open Source itself isn't against commercialism, but as we've seen in the past few years, Open Source based enterprises didn't fair-well in the business world, but it has formed a ideological cult among tech geekers.

I'm not anti-Open Source, and in fact i somewhat support Free Software Foundation's proposition that software is costless to duplicate, therefore beneficial if we modify the copyright law so that software can be freely copied. However, the Open Source (and most FreeSoftware) folks, consists of coding geeks who knew little to nothing about social sciences. That they are not practicing lawers or economists or businessmen, have not studied much about law or economics or politics or much about philosophy or anthropology or history for that matter. Yet these engineering and sci-fi and gaming geeks, loud-mouth about their stance on society for issues they really have zilch understanding. Now in particular the unix and linux and type of morons, whose brains are filled with conspiracy theories and Open Source ideologies and also all kinds of utterly fantastically stupid creeds on programing (such as the Perl programers). Off with their heads.