Microsoft Hatred and God

By Xah Lee. Date:

Dear God,

Dorks 'n' friends wrote:

[Godwin's law and other drivel and fantastic off-topic war cry with potshot jokes and meta comments]

The point is did they get my point?

Personally, i have argued with a million of the unix type of morons, who at the lowest level will pick on typos and misspells and grammars and commence a personal attack or *plonk* war cry. Smarter ones will then do technical drilling and personal stories or become very obsessed on the correctness of literal interpretations and statistics. It is extremely rare for a unixer who are not entrapped by metaphors or sophisticated french language but strive to understand and argue with the meaning of a expression. These people don't have a good education about argument or critical thinking, nor the subject proper, some are jolly on the outside but mean on the inside. But as well, all these do and want and get out of online arguments is really just a congenial and titillating verbal bout over pizza and beer.

Personally, i have argued with a million type of morons, unixers or no. It is rare to bump into opinions that i have not seen, that i would say “gee, that's a new thought!”. My debaters are mostly the good people of the mediocre kind, who grew up in rather peaceful modern affluent societies, accustomed to local customs and mores, went to school and some passed the grill of institutions to become Philosophiae Doctors. It is not entirely correct to say these people are donkeys, because that would be wrong from a biological point of view. However, many of these people are well-schooled, as to have cultivated a sense of abstract thinking and moralities, as to know that there are Hitler and Einstein and antitrust laws, as to form their ordinary opinions of things which they effusively display in online chats of the written form, as to know the ins and outs of politics and economics, as to be able to tell right and wrong with fervor.

Whom, are most likely to be offended by unconventional views, and the world of views are just unconventional to them. It's like i can read their minds, know exactly what they've seen and how they would reason, and i'd formulate my writings that ticks their mind precisely the way i wanted, precisely the fascinating ways i want them to demonstrably reply, and also precisely for many of them to have registered a view that otherwise would and could never have made a impression in these fool's minds. It is fascinating, me to them as well as them to me.

Dear God, i wish to show these ordinary people, that the world of views are a few magnitude than what they wont. In particular, today i wish to set a few things straight: Microsoft hatred is a prejudiced hatred, unix is a crime, and Mac fanaticism is everywhere particularly in Mac mailing lists. I wish i have made a impression, so that when topics came up in beer parties, they might say “Wait! something's fishy…”. God, i only wish they have their daughters on the table, so that what comes out of their mouths are no longer frivolous affairs, and i get to love sweet sixteens.

God, what do you think? Please put your daughters on the table, judge for yourself, and you have the right to remain silent.