What Do Tech Geeking Morons Want?

By Xah Lee. Date:

Hi David.

r u, like, trying 2 b a dumbass, or u trying 2 b divisive?

i can play a round of game with u or 2.

In this thread, so far there r 2 morons. One is Pascal (congratulations Pascal!). The other is you. Congrat.

sometimes i wonder why there are these faaking morons slaving in newsgroups. Are they like, having nothing to do? Yes, i think that is the reason. I too, have nothing to do. But at least i think i have some redeeming qualities. While, on the other hand, these massive number of faakheads that slave in newsgroups, although perhaps suffering from loneliness to a lesser degree than me, but, their knowledge, moral quality, philosophical outlook, depth of humour, is at a level equivalent to skateboard toting teens. Thus, the behavior, actions, of these morons at boredom, is rather insufferable.

there are, of course, quite a few common lisp morons here. After interacting with them a while, u sometimes realize they are no different than the unix morons they despise. They just wear better pants. These morons at least really believed their dickless opinions and mushy drivels when they tech geek in computing forums online. However, folks, look at this case here today. What is David doing?? Does he actually really have no understanding of the subject of this thread? Could he have really misread? Surely he's a emacs lisp developer for years, who is, capable of grasping lisp subject matters, i think. So, is he, intentionally trying to be a faakhead?? Like, he's having a bad day maybe? The third possibility, is that he is just one of the billions of walking joe, shits all over as they carry about thru life without care or capable of control. With this premise, then David probably didn't pay attention to this thread, and simply just injected his say into a thread, and thats it. Its, like, who gives a shit?

Like, one plus one is three a-ok, yes no a-ok. LOLZ and wtf? who gives a shit?!? u can do it with regex-opt and regexp-quote!

In my online forum posting career, since about 1991 with CompuServe and AppleLink days, especially since about 1998 when i started to get intimate with the unix industry programers, i noticed there is this type of morons, this class. It originally began with the unix morons, perl morons, as i classified. They sloppy, unthinking, sys-admin slouchers. But no, it's not just they. When i got in contact with Mac community, where u can smell fashion and elegance in their air, there are quite a lot of morons too, among them known as Mac fanatics. The Mac snobs are in general dumber by the numbers when it comes to software tech, although their demeanor is holier-than-thou with their more-expensive-than-thou hardware. But then in Python community, which i made first contact in 2005, moron masses i witnessed in them too of the type. Their Computer-Science-R-US stance hits you unawares. In lisp community, morons of this type you see too… (though, i have to say, oddly you dont see much of these type of morons in Java communities. Umm. Perhaps because java programers tend to be more suites) i think i dunno what i'm trying to say here am a bit dizzy atm n cant be bothered to put out thoughts in a focused way or make it to my writings. But distinctly these morons impressed me, and i want to make sure that it is these particular class of morons i'm currently trying to write off. Ok, back to topic… these morons. morons… Ok, i think originally what i was trying to say, was that i realized…

kk, i've been wondering, why are these so many this type morons? My final thought and solution. My final answer to this wonderment, is the last interpretation of the paragraph about David's case. The essence, that characterizes or qualifies this moron class's behavior, is just because that's what they are. They shit thru life. They careless. Happy-go-lucky. Most human animals are like this, actually. Me, myself, with intense introspection and capabilities, austerity and asceticism, magnanimity and grandiloquence of self love, realized that i'm not like most people in being a lone genius. Not that i'm a wunderkind or the greatest, but my kind is sparse.

stupid people offends me. people with low IQ offends me. Sloppiness and slouchers offends me. Low aspiration, low lifers, witless shits offends me. Well they dont rly offend me, just that i find little interest in them and look down on them. O, Jail me! O, my passion for the world and human animals. (n pussy) O. It began to OFFEND me, when these morons begin to be hateful. Bingo, that's most of these tech geeking morons who slaves in programing newsgroups, are. Dickless cocks.

What is it they want in life? well you get married and have kids and die. A inevitibility. (there's glimmer of biological immortalibility on the horizon, however) But what they want? What are they thinking? What is it, they care? Sure, we dont want pain, we dont want hunger. We want to have money, and all. But the tech geeking morons, what r they getting out of their existence? What do for example David in this thread, who injects his irrelevance with irreverence in the middle, want to achieve?

Is it the chatting? The socialization? The simple fact of smashing a wine glass and have another human ilk respond, underwritten by empathy and pleasure. Like, rubbing elbows, schmooze, have a laugh. Having a good time. I, being what i am, dont see the humour. There is no knowledge; there is no art. But they can go about their tech drivel and i go about weighty fantasies in math or human outcome. But these morons impinge me, when they thrust forward their male nature for a pissing fight with ignorance and hatefulness.

u see,

Xah ∑ http://xahlee.org/

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Subject: why emacs lisp's regex has 2-steps escapes?

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