A Troll's Confections

Xah Lee

In The Land of Oz, there are two type of witches: the wicked witches of East and West, and the good witches of North and South. In the land of newsgroups, there are perhaps also different type of trolls. I can't say they do good or bad, but i think they are much brainier then the gazillion ignorant big-mouthing and shit-dropping fishes being involuntary victims of troll.

Once in a while, some troll-cryers inject spirit into my abjection. My disconcerted and alienated life gets a taste of hope, that somebody somewhere cares about me, thought about me, think of me, to a degree of gesturing love through public name calling.

In Gotham City, where Batman is fighting crimes, there arises the problem of how do you call the mysterious Batman when the city needs him. The solution offered is a giant spot-light with a Batman Insignia silhouette. When the serene night sky floats such a giant Bat, it indicates that urgent measures must be taken against crime.

and when online forums need Xah to fight unthinkers, all you have to do is to mention my name!

What you must understand, is that:

One, the world has diverse people in it, which one cannot possibly conceive as to their value system, goals, or character. Some are sadists, some are masochists, some want to be leaders, some followers, some child prodigy, some natural retard, some achieve thru shortcuts, some toil their life away, some flamboyant cocks, some bush lurkers. Our fairy tales illustrate this point well, as there are gods and mortals, elite knights and common dwarfs, pampered princesses and meaty lasses, robin-hood thiefs and ruthless kings, ogres and trolls and wizards and witches and milk-maids and sex goddesses and nymphs and you name it. When you play a Dungeon and Dragon type of role-playing game, have you considered who you gonna be? and are you going to play by the rules or against the rules? And what you wanna be in real life? In real life, the characters become more fantastically diverse and there are no rules; from Mr. Presidents to serial killing Dr Hannibals, from South American prostitutes to the glutted American housewifes, from African tribesmen to white-collar hippies, from sainty Pope to boy-buggering priests, from Islam fanatics to Bible fanatics, from unix morons to Mac fanatics … Who do you understand?

Two, the opinions of others do not matter. What you think, matters.

Three, you are a petty little being, which will come and go like a ant among the billions in the world.