Why do I Rant In comp.lang.lisp

By Xah Lee. Date:

Dear Kent Pitman,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my thoughts about Tail Recursion .

Xah Lee wrote:

… My understanding of Scheme is very minimal. I'm not sure if i can even write “hello world” correctly in one shot. I don't know Common Lisp at all. …

Kent Pitman wrote:

(Not that this disqualifies you from posting here, but this certainly leads me to wonder why you do both read and post here. Please don't take this as a challenge; I am just profoundly curious.)

Dear Kent, like you, i also am curious about lots of things. For example, i'm curious about why courtesans sell their pussies, and why pussies have profound attraction to me. I would and still do spend hours upon hours gazing them, finding it a great form of relaxation, more so than correcting droppings from comp.lang.lisp bigwigs, or enjoying Naggum's personal fantasies. Nevertheless, i'm aware your ramification and topic swinging abilities do not disqualify you from posting here.

The plain and longer answer, would be the following.

I come here to read Nagging Naggum's posts. I enjoy reading his posts. I learn English vocabularies. I would not say that i knew less words than Erik, but nevertheless i learn words from his writings, from totally new to usage example. I also cull off his fantastic opinions for my mulling. Lastly, i find his rants and spats with fellow human beings entertaining.

The second important reason for me reading comp.lang.lisp, is that i use it as a outlet of my meticulously crafted rants when opportune. I could pick other newsgroups, but in general it is not fun if the community does not welcome it. Trolling per se is not something that interest me. As it so happens, that i started to read lisp newsgroups around 1998 because i was learning Scheme, and i find the lispers in general much more educated than, say, comp.lang.perl.* in which i use to discuss on-topic perl related stuff now and then. So have i used comp.emacs or xemacs often, and some other mailing lists as well. In any case, my lavish rants tend to go to comp.lang.lisp.

The harmony of authorship and readership takes a matching. Imagine Einstein ranting his physics theories to 17th century physicists, he'd probably be kill-filed to death. Likewise, Larry Wall's drivel fits the unix moron's minds to a tee; and that i find comp.lang.lisp has the best readership for my rants among the few online discussion groups i use.

My vague motivation, is for me in the future to collect my rants and form a book. May it be a coherent account of unix and perl's damage to society, with technical criticisms, or similar attacks to the slew of fantastic faaking stupid imperative languages or the SQL language and other software technologies, or cogent commentaries on the idiocies of software industry such as the Design Patterns… i don't know. In the last few years as i write more and more, i find myself enjoy writing. I consider my act of writing soothing to my anger caused by unthinkers in society. When my rants are offensive to unthinkers, i consider it a form of sweet revenge.

The other motivation is to educate people, but let's not talk about that. Once you tell people that, all sorts of things come flying against you, from hats of hypocrisy to spontaneous resistance. I find that the best way to educate, is by means of covert brain washing. I try to go in unassuming and rant my rants and get myself attacked and kill-file announced, but behind the scene i stab people's brain with sharp ideas, jam their wires and screw their programs, totally shattering the world of their minds. And when they try to recuperate, to think of ways of counter-attack, bang! I have succeeded in my goal.

(The above is originally posted to “comp.lang.lisp” newsgroup.)