Notes on A New Kind of Science

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated:

This page is some reading notes on Stephen Wolfram 's book “A New Kind of Science”.

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  1. Chapter 1: The Foundations For A New Kind Of Science
  2. Chapter 2: The Crucial Experiment
  3. Chapter 3: The World Of Simple Programs
  4. Chapter 4: Systems Based On Numbers
  5. Chapter 5: 2 Dimensions And Beyond
  6. Chapter 6: Starting From Randomness
  7. Chapter 10: Process Of Perception And Analysis

  1. Purpose of My Notes on A New Kind of Science
  2. Elements of a Cellular Automata System
  3. Criticisms on Criticisms on a New Kind of Science

This note is personal, on-going, and unfinished, it contains many errors, unfinished paragraphs, and possibly half written sentences, and so on. When it is in some good draft shape, this paragraph will be removed.

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