24hours Watch, 00 Start at Top or Bottom?

By Xah Lee. Date: .

24 hours clock, 00 start at top or bottom?

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24 hours watches are superior, because, the needle points as a fraction of day. And, you can tell just by a glance, how much daylight is left, or how much a day is left.

roughly, half of the circle is daylight.

in designing a 24 hours clock, there's the question of whether the 0 clock should start at top or bottom.

the advantage of starting at top is that, it's just normal for 0 to start at top, as in our typical clock.

the advantage of starting it bottom is that, now, the daylight will roughly correspond to the upper half of the circle. This is somewhat natural because we associate light as above us.

if you look at existing 24-hour watches, see amazon at 24 hours watches, most has 00 at bottom. But for 24-hour clocks, most has 00 at top.

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