Heart Beat Watch

By Xah Lee. Date: .

fitbit heart beat

another ad tile on win 10 startup menu is “fitbit coach”. The thing it tries to sell is this

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this thing, monitors your heart rate, steps, sleep pattern. it's designed for yuppies who think wearing it can kick you into action.

back in 1989, when i was 19, i bought a heart rate monitoring watch by Casio for ~$250. You wear a strap with electrodes on your chest, and it transmits to the watch your heart beat. I wore it 24/7, for like 5 years. I was to become a borg. But today, no thanks.

of heart beating watchers, the old tech do by measuring skin resistance. i.e. a belt with electrodes around your chest, emit radio signal.

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Modern ones, do by optics. It shine light into your skin and look at the blood vessel pattern.

note, there are 2 cases of murder and 1 cases of false rap accusation, resolved by smartwatch recording of heartbeats.

on the topic of heart beat, one must now read: “The Tell-Tale Heart” By Edgar Allan Poe #xahwords

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