Emoji Politics

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Today's emoji is one ugly futter. You can't tell a man from woman, or boy girl baby. They are all drawn in a style where everyone is a creepy inhuman wimp.

Emoji originate from Japan's phone around 2005. It was evolved from emoticon. The goal of emoji in unicode was to standadize them and use font instead of inefficient images. But now, neither goal is reached. Google, Apple, each draw them to promote their products and politics.

Why Emoji Became Creepy Unhuman

unicode 10 apple emoji 2018 06 06 c96ff
Unicode 10 apple emoji 2018-06-06

Here's unicode FAQ on why it became creepy unhuman.

Unicode faq diversity 2021-03-07
from Unicode frequently asked questions https://unicode.org/faq/emoji_dingbats.html 2021-03-07

This is sjw gang art style, promoted by Apple, since about 2018.

apple emoji 2023-01-07 cbV7J
apple emoji 2023-01-07 cbV7J

Google Android Emoji Promoting Google's Phone Operating System

For about 5+ years from about 2012 to 2018, Google anthropomorphize its android logo as emoji. Ugly and creepy. It used to have antenna.

google noto emoji font 2017 02 24
google noto emoji font, using the Google Android phone mascot, promoting Android, 2017-02-24

Apple Emoji, Promoting Apple Products

and this is Apple's emoji. It just show its own products in expense of clear communication. Note its โ€œTHREE BUTTON MOUSEโ€ and โ€œDESKTOP COMPUTERโ€.

apple emoji phone mouse 2018 06 06 1775b
apple emoji phone mouse 2018-06-06

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