JavaScript Spec, Term “instance” is Not Defined

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Jargon “instance”

the term “instance” needs to be ban'd. Instead, say: “value of X type”.

you see? the former is of algorithmic connotation, a description of process, while the latter, is math.

JavaScript spec speaks of “instance”, but nowhere is it defined. Very annoying. For example, ECMAScript 2015 §Overview#sec-terms-and-definitions

implicitly, it's understood that “instance” means a value returned by a constructor function, and the type of this value is object.

it's very annoying that most all programing docs and coder idiots speak of “instance”.

the term “instance” has connotation of a process. namely, creation. It's annoying because it's not mathematical.

programing is about how-to, as process, i.e. algorithm. Math is about what-is, as definition.

the most egregious idiocy of programers is the term “is-a” relationship. Becoming most popular in early 2000s.

the “is-a” jargon is so strange that perfectly simple English and mathematically clear sub-class or sub-type becomes this quasi-English jargon.

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