Perl Folks Try to Erase History!

By Xah Lee. Date:

Perl used to have documentation perldoc perlboot. It's a idiotic tutorial on Perl's complex OOP. It began thus:

If you're not familiar with objects from other languages, some of the
    other Perl object documentation may be a little daunting, such as
    perlobj, a basic reference in using objects, and perltoot, which
    introduces readers to the peculiarities of Perl's object system in a
    tutorial way.

    So, let's take a different approach, presuming no prior object
    experience. It helps if you know about subroutines (perlsub), references
    (perlref et. seq.), and packages (perlmod), so become familiar with
    those first if you haven't already.

  If we could talk to the animals...
    Let's let the animals talk for a moment:

        sub Cow::speak {
          print "a Cow goes moooo!\n";
        sub Horse::speak {
          print "a Horse goes neigh!\n";
        sub Sheep::speak {
          print "a Sheep goes baaaah!\n";

now it is officially deleted! It's, like, criminals trying to erase their crime! screenshot 2012-12-18
[] screenshot 2012-12-18

Note the lines:

As a historian of the hacker culture, i'm archiving these for posterity:

On a positive side, Perl introduced a function to get values of a hash, from Perl 5.12 (). The function name is “values”.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# perl

use Data::Dumper qw(Dumper);
%hh = (3 => 4, 5 => 6);
@hh = values %hh;
print Dumper \@hh; # [4, 6]

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